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Flash Fiction Monday: Memory Pills and Valuable Collectors Items

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Do you know about the web site Daily Science Fiction? They publish a new short story, well… daily! They publish a broad range of speculative fiction, including science fiction and fantasy. Anyway, here are a couple of really short SciFi stories that I thought were pretty cool. I hope you like them!

Experience by Ephiny Gale

How does an old, experienced theatre director pass on all her knowledge to her successor? Seems there is a new-fangled pill that might do the trick!

Read Experience online for free.

Mercury In Hand by Amanda M. Hayes

Dain has returned to his former job as a converter of starlight into ship fuel, but why is he working for such a small fee? Turns out some clients from his “other” job have a few trinkets they want collected!

Read Mercury In Hand online for free.


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