Monkey on His Back by Charles V. DeVet

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This is a guest post by Jason Miner.

This science fiction story was featured in Galaxy Magazine in June 1960. The idea behind it is that a man has lost his memory and does not know who he is. He goes to an analyst to recover his memories and starts to have vivid dreams. The dreams, the analyst tells him, are memories from his past. However all the dreams have him committing some violent act. After sharing dream after dream with the analyst the man begins to realize he is probably a criminal. As the story comes to the conclusion the man without a memory brings a gun to shoot his analyst and prevent him from turning him into the police.

However the analyst convinces him to try one more session. The session is evidently successful because the man with amnesia picks up a suitcase out of a locker and takes a shot from it, retrieving his memories. However he finds out that he had erased his own mind, trying to escape from his talent. But it seems no matter where he goes, trouble and his talent follow. I’ll let you read the story to figure out what his talent, the monkey on his back, is.

The story is made up of short chapters that give you glimpses into the character’s past. It is fun to try to piece it all together before the end and attempt to figure out what is going on.

You can read this story for free at Project Gutenberg.

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