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If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear by Ken Scholes

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“If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear” is a 2011 speculative fiction novelette by Ken Scholes. It is about a woman who loses her father on the eve of the biggest holiday of the year, and how she deals with it.

“You’re Yes and You’re No”

This was a very touching and beautiful story, and I’m super glad I read it. However, it is kind of a genre bender in more ways than one! It is about Christmas… but not obviously so. The traditions of Dragon’s Mass Eve do mention a man in a red suit – but this one wields a sword and rides a wolf! I also *think* this story could be classified as science fiction, since one time the protagonist mentions “moons” and there is some sort of evil race fighting against her community. I’m not 100% sure. Anyway, it is kind of a head scratcher when it comes to categorizing, but there’s no doubt that it is a cool story worth reading!

Non-Spoiler Summary

Graffiti of Evil Santa by tijmz, CC 2.0 license

Melody, a woman in her mid 30s, is grieving after her father dies on Dragon’s Mass Eve. Now she is the sole occupant in the little house next to her father’s unsuccessful mine. Luckily her ultra-organized dad (who used to be in the seminary) left her some great instructions and a meaningful legacy. Now Melody must deal with running the business, official red tape, mingling with town folk, a dangerous parson and most of all her lingering sadness every year at holiday time. But alas – not all is sad and gloomy, because she discovers something special (2 things actually) her father left for her – and that makes all the difference in the world!

Some Interesting Tidbits

  • Word count: 10,268 (26 pages)
  • You can learn more about this science fiction author from the Pacific Northwest on his web site.
  • A special thanks to one of my readers, Janene, for recommending this excellent story!

Where To Find If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear

  • This story was first published on December 13, 2011 at – where you can still read it for free.
  • “If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear” is also included in the Yuletide anthology Season of Wonder.

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