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Robot Visions by Isaac Asimov

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This is a guest post by Marco Crosa.

Robot Visions is a 1990 sci-fi short story by Isaac Asimov about a group of physicians who send a robot in the future to get a vision of human destiny. The story is a great blending of robotic and time-travel themes.


It was also a remark of mine that led the Temporalist to develop a line of reasoning that showed that travel into the past was impossible

In 2030 a group of researchers called the Temporalist, the most important scientists of those days, are responsible for the development of time-travel technology. After several successful experiments with inanimate objects and animals – that have been sent no more than five days ahead – they plan a travel in the far future (two hundred years) using someone capable to come back and make a detailed report on the state of earth. After a discussion on the most suitable for the journey the choice falls on Archie(AG-32) an old-fashioned robot whose reliability is assured by the laws of robotic. The narrator of the events is a team junior member who – although it seems underestimated by the others – is the most able to understand what the peaceful world observed by Archie hides.

About the story and where to find it

  • Robot Vision was first published in the 1990 Asimov’s collection to which it gives the name.
  • The collection includes Asimov‘s seventeen classic robot stories more and sixteen essays on science and technology.
  • An online version of the book is available at

About Marco Crosa

I have a degree in philosophy of science and, let’s say, I’m curious about anything. I love literature and especially  sci-fi. I keep a blog at Ma.Cro Mind.

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