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Flies by Robert Silverberg

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“Flies” is a 1967 science fiction short story by Robert Silverberg. It is about a re-constructed man who returns to Earth to “surprise” his ex-wives.

A Double-Edged Sword

Sometimes being sensitive to others’ feelings isn’t such a good thing. As the protagonist of this story demonstrates, being a sensitive guy can go in either direction – and the results aren’t always pleasing either!

Non-Spoiler Summary

Fly ## by Gerald Yuvallos, CC 2.0 license

Cassiday is a lucky man – in a way. His mutilated carcass was picked up and re-built by aliens, after they discovered his wrecked spaceship just outside of Saturn. The aliens made some small changes, however, and now Cassiday is going home with special sensing capabilities as well as the ability to transmit feelings back to his new masters. So who does he visit on his return to Earth? His former wives, that’s who. Yes, he is a super-sensitive guy now, but not in the way that was hoped for. In fact he is kind of scary! Maybe the aliens need to make a re-call announcement!

Some Interesting Tidbits

  • Word count: 3,062 (7 pages)
  • You can learn more about white-beard-sporting, multiple-award-winning science fiction author Robert Silverberg at Wikipedia.
  • Special thanks to Variety SF for recommending this story.

Where To Find Flies

  • This short story was first published in October 1967 in the anthology Dangerous Visions.
  • You can read “Flies” for free online at

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  1. @Dr. Caligari – Yeah, this was a very cool story. I was surprised at how dark it was, but I enjoyed it – as I do with nearly all of Silverberg’s stories.

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