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Youth by Issac Asimov

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This is a guest post by Debra Johnson.

Summary: Two young boys find a pair of exotic creatures and keep them as pets, thinking they can use them to join the circus. After trying unsuccessfully to feed and hide them, their parents find out. It turns out that the pets they’d captured were explorers from another planet that the boys’ fathers had been waiting for.

What I Thought: I love stories like this. None of the characters have real names, just descriptions of their occupations or traits, which make them timeless.

Questions This Story Brought Up: The crossing of boundaries; what makes the difference between people and animals? What is right and wrong? What is too far? What is business and what is ethics? What is safety and what is fear?

The debate between the two groups is one that is wordless, but very vivid. The child-like thoughts and the adult fears, the reasoning and the suspicion and, yes, the greed, all add up to make this short story vivid and real.

I also loved the illustrations that came with the story. It helped you to understand what was really going on from the very start, but still allowed you to get into the minds and hearts of the very alien race that took up much of the narration.

You can find this story to read free at Project Gutenberg.

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