2020 News – Twinning with Galixos 2867#3 -Global Warming and Climate Change by Rob Hopcott

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This is a guest post by Dana Viktor.

The earth is about to get some very bad news.

Non-Spoiler Summary

In this newscast of the future, the President of Earth appears to deliver some very bad news: The alien race of the planet Galixos 2867#3, a small planet in the Andromeda nebula, has decided against its proposal to twin with the planet Earth. The reasons given by this peaceful and advanced species — which look like 4-meter-long millipedes with three heads — include “cultural and practical” incompatibilities with the people of the earth.

What the people of earth don’t know — and the bad news they have yet to get — is the real and tragic reason that the alien race decided to abandon its partnership with the planet.

My Thoughts

I love flash fiction, and Hopcott is a master with the form. This straight-forward newscast is rich with nuance. In a short televised segment, the President of Earth (and the Galixos race) manage to condemn almost every major facet of our modern life, including our political, cultural, and religious leanings.

The takeaway message is a cautionary tale about our own small-minded and self-defeating behavior. If only we could get this message in real life…

Story Information

  • Word Count: 769
  • Published Online: 2007
  • Rob Hopcott is an independent author who publishes his work online. He frequently writes flash science fiction, like this story.

Where to Find This Story

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