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Ehaema blog by Eidolon

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Ehaema is a flash scifi blog written by Eidolon, who I am absolutely convinced comes from the future or has at least glimpsed it, through the effects of some unknown, perception-altering drugs.

 Non-Spoiler Summary:

The few flash stories I have read describe the day-to-day life and the scientific DIY marvels set up by a bunch of kids in *cough* *cough* A.D., generated by their imagination and some tinkering with their Maker machines. The stories are still going, but they’ve got me hooked already.


To try and present my opinion regarding a work that’s of yet unfinished is a hard task, so what I am instead going to attempt is give you my take on the flash stories I have read so far: Under The Onslaught, I Know It’s Not Pretty, Through Fields of Light and Reverie and Kind of Stranded. Each of these stories gave me a complete look on Eidolon’s writing style and I have this to say:

This man writes like am awesome music video. His scenes, especially those presenting the Lattice, the strange little gadgets the kids come up with literally come alive and (without wanting to sound like I’m on drugs) you can see the colors. You can actually understand how the effects work and he does it only in a few words, something that few scifi writers have achieved from what I have seen so far.

Technical Support details:

  • Stories in the Ehaema blog consist of 300 words each.
  • They are serialized and frequently updated
  • Prolonged exposure to those stories may make you want to invent time travel. Please refrain from doing so.
  • Eidolon  likes to write. And you will like what he writes, if you have a soul. You will find his works here, free of charge.


Konstantine Paradias has a blog, called Shapescapes (shapescapes). There, you can find his fantasy post apocalyptic Novelette, called Stone Cold Countenance, as well as a series of fantasy and scifi stories, all of them for absolutely free.

For comments or plain old contact, you can find him at


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3 thoughts to “Ehaema blog by Eidolon”

  1. well i guess i don’t have a soul rusty .. i didn’t like this work.. but i am grateful to you rusty for so many great reads that you have given to me ..

  2. Hey Arish,

    Thanks for the comments, and I’m glad you like alot of our stuff. This article, however, was written by Kostas so I’ll pass your comments on to him.

    So what are some of the stories that you have liked? You know, the ones that prove you do have soul! 😉


  3. Hey Arish,

    Having a soul is something that has proven itself to be repeatedly overappreciated. For example, I have also been accused of lacking a soul for not liking the Song of Ice and Fire.

    As one soulless biological automaton to another, I thank you for your feedback and would be very much interested on reviewing stories you enjoy reading, if only as a means to make it up to you.

    Fight on, robot brothers!

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