The Lord Of the Sands of Time By Issui Ogawa

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The Lord of the Sands of Time by Issui Ogawa is a science fiction space opera with hard scifi elements and it’s EPIC. It’s also a light novel, which means that there’s assorted manga pages that allow you to rest your poor brain, after being pummeled by the awesome in its pages.

Non-Spoiler summary:

See? This is my problem with this book: I can’t tell you anything without spoiling something for you. Here’s a non-spoiler, abridged version, which is gonna sound boring:

Mankind has been eradicated by an army of alien automatons. In a desperate effort, they send their own android soldiers to fight them off and give humanity another chance. Epic battles and awesome historical events follow. Also, caterpillars.

Wanna know what I think?

What, you think I’m just gonna go all caps and write READ THIS BOOK in 45-size letters? No, I won’t do that. What I’ll do instead is tell you this:

Do you want to read a millennia-spanning story about the desperate battle of a select few to save the human race across countless timelines? Are you also hankering for some excellently written battle scenes?

Of course you do. Pitch is over, now go to amazon and buy it.

This book consists of and is made by:

  • 40,000ish words
  • Excellent penmanship
  • Great, eastern-style (but not overtly manga) art
  • Issui Ogawa (Ogawa Issui, born 1975) is a Seiun and Hayakawa Award winning writer of more than a dozen novels.


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