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Flash Fiction Monday: Gene Reprogramming and Generation Ships

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Wow – it has been a long time since I’ve cast the spotlight on flash fiction stories, and it’s high time to give it another try! With that in mind, here are a couple of cool little stories from the excellent web site 365 Tomorrows.

Double Blind by Steve Smith

Dr. Thorne has a great new machine – a Gene Code Reprogrammer. But the problem is that he has run out of funding, so he has turned to some questionable practices to get more money. Let’s just wait and see what happens, shall we?

Read Double Blind online for free.

The Long and Short of It by JD Kennedy

Captain Branson has spent 100 years making the journey from Earth to New Terra. Now, as this historic journey is about to fulfill its long-awaited purpose he receives a message that is a quite dis-heartening… to say the least.

Read The Long and Short of It online for free.


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  1. Thanks Tinkoo, I didn’t know that but I’ll be sure to check it out since (for the most part) I really like van Vogt’s stories.

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