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No Earthly Ship and the Quiet Ones

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This is a guest post by Kate Croston

Since both of these stories are pretty short and written by the same author, I thought it would be safe to recommend them both.

First off, these stories are available for free and written under the pen name Spookysister7. I happened to run across them by a strange set of events.

I like to read fan fiction. I know; it’s a guilty habit of mine. But the author, Spookysister7, is a great writer in that arena. I liked her work so much that I followed the links back to her blog, Twitterpatedss7, and from there to her archive of original work.

I have to say, the Angelfire website is terrible: confusing, hard to navigate, and almost impossible to find the links to click on. But once I overcame all that, I found two diamonds in the rough.

Apparently, both of these stories were written in 2005, and the author is still writing, so I have to say that’s a good sign. No fly by night hack writer, at least.

So, on to the stories…

Summary of Story #1: No Earthly Ship –

This is a simple sci-fi adventure/romance. The action apparently takes place on an alien planet where blood is blue, people come in different colors, and shape-shifters hide in plain sight. There are two different varieties of dragon-like aliens, who serve as the soldiers to opposing forces. When a princess gets caught in the crossfire, her guard risks everything to save her…

Things I Liked –

I loved that the story started out with a note: “Translated from the original Eltaran.”

Even though this story is unfinished, according to the author, it leaves off at a good point.

Summary of Story #2: The Quiet Ones –

Let me just say that I like sci-fi adventure/romances, okay? This story is a twist on the superhero genre. By a miraculous chain of events, a college-age woman gets superpowers. But instead of using them for some noble purpose, she decides to go mess with frat boys. Unexpectedly, one of them softens her heart. But when she hears a gunshot, she runs to help… leading to disastrous consequences.

Things I Liked –

The story was in first person; which actually made it more powerful and compelling.

The dry humor in this story had me laughing hysterically.

Where to Find These Stories –

Like I said, I followed a long and convoluted path to get to these stories. Thankfully, I can provide you with the direct links here:

No Earthly Ship

The Quiet Ones

They are in plain text format, so you might want to transfer them to a Word document if that bothers you.

Want to Read More by Spookysister7?

If you like these stories and want to read her current work, visit her blog: Twitterpatedss7

Her blog is a mix of her personal thoughts, dating adventures, and Psych episode reviews.

Or, if you enjoy fan fiction like I do, you can visit her page: Spookysister7

Author Bio:

Kate Croston is a freelance writer, holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes guest posts for different sites and loves contributing home internet service related topics. Questions or comments can be sent to: katecroston.croston09 @

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