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The Boneless One

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The Boneless One, a 2011 short story by Alec Nevala-Lee, is about a group of scientists at sea that come across an unusual cluster of octopuses.


Yes, I did my research, the correct plural use of “octopus” is “octopuses”.  I was wondering.. “octopai”?  I remember an old James Bond movie called “Octopussy”..

And did you know that a Hawaiian myth relates that the octopus is a lone survivor of a previous alien universe?  Spooky.

My brother Rusty, the creator of this fabulous sight, has some weird attachment to octopuses.. everytime I see an octuopus trinket I feel the need to buy it for him.  I think he is afraid of them… he has said that they are stranger than any alien he could imagine!  And this story concurs.


Financed by an egotistic billionaire, a group of scientists is searching the ocean and analyzing the millions of bacteria and viruses.  When they happen across a glowing cluster in the water, they decide to explore further, and discover that it is a group of octopuses.  But why do they glow?  Why are they so near the surface?  Why are these normally solitary creatures gathered together in such a large group?  After bringing a few specimens aboard, some bizarre things begin to happen…


This story reminded me of Michael Cricthon’s “Sphere”.  A scientific expedition at sea, strange and scary things start happening..  and I have to say, The Boneless One, although much shorter, was just as suspenseful and satisfying.  I found myself devouring the pages to find out what would happen next.  And since this was a longer story, I was able to be drawn in to the plot without a disappointing quick ending.


  • Page Count: 24
  • Published: 2011
  • About the Author: Alec Nevala-Lee wrote his first novel at the age of 13.  Read more about this talented author on the “about me” section of his blog.
  • For Fun: Read up on some interesting facts about octopuses at Wikipedia.


I read The Boneless One for free at Alec’s Blog.