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Mail Order

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Mail Order is a short story about a group of explorers that land on an alien planet with the intention of establishing first contact.


Marjane Thompson has traveled through space and time to arrive on an alien planet and make first contact, to form a new history, to learn the life of another species.  Upon arrival, the  intention was to immediately establish communication.  But when the team learns that they can thrive without doing just that, the plan is thrown on the back burner, and new strategies emerge.  Will first contact ever actually be made?


This was a story beautifully written with tones of longing and unfulfilled desires.  The beginning paragraph set the mood for the story, describing how beautiful the ocean is, and how beautiful the language of an alien species is.  Marjane’s desire is palpable, as she longs to complete her mission.  Her disappointment is felt as she describes what happens to her team as the initial plan is put off, again and again.


  • Word Count: 2,530
  • Page Count: 7
  • About the Author: Martin Ivison has published song albums for Sony/BMG.  I couldn’t find any other information about this author, has anyone out there heard of him?


You can read Mail Order for free at AE Science Fiction.

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