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Alien Characters by Neil A. Hogan

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[Editor’s Note: Australian author Neil A. Hogan has sent me some information about his line of science fiction stories for children, so I thought I would pass it on to all of you. I took a look at his web site and thought it was pretty cool, but I haven’t read any of these stories. If you do end up reading any of them please let us know what you thought.]

picture of Alien Bob

In the style of Mr Men and Thomas the Tank Engine (with a bit of Douglas Adam’s style reality) comes Alien Characters, a monthly series of science fiction short story ebooks for Kindle for children aged 6-10. Separate titles include Alien Bob the house grower, Alien Hamish the star mover and intergalactic navigator, Alien Robert the robot technician and child care worker, Alien Christine the crystal energy technologist and healer, Alien Tim the Time Minister, Alien Vince the air recycling plant and environmentalist, Alien Carla the Galactic biological communications channeller, Alien Rex the parallel reality trade specialist, Alien Amanda the galactic immigration minister, Alien Nathanial the electromagnatheric energy and First Contact specialist, Alien Anneke the galactic flash relocation accountant, and a number of other residents of the Large Magellanic Cloud. From series 2 most characters are somewhere on board the ship The Celestial Breeze along with its Companion Planet, collecting more Alien Characters before leaving for their journey to the Milky Way Galaxy.

Each short story focuses on a new Alien Character and whatever problem they need to solve on the way. For example, in Alien William, he decides to move some of his millions of descendants to multiple alternate realities where his race doesn’t exist so they can spread throughout infinite levels of reality, but is told by the consciousness of the galaxy that her other parallel selves won’t allow it, so he needs to find another way.

A few of the stories are available on Kindle with pictures. Most are available as text-only Kindle ebooks. These may be released with pictures by 2013. A new Alien Character story is available every month.

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