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Softlight Sins

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Softlight Sins, a short story written by Peter F. Hamilton, is about a controversial criminal sentence that takes place for the first time.


Adrian Reynolds is the first person to receive a new type of punishment for his crimes.  He has been sentenced for killing his father, mother and two sisters.  His sentence?  A controversial new procedure that will delete his memories and his personality.  A sort of mental death, allowing the state to educate and program him as they see fit, and then send him back into society.

The story gets juicy when the outcome is not what was predicted, and now the attorneys and doctors have to decide what to do next.


I have to say, this story has already made this years Top 10 List.  (And No!  Not just because it’s the only story I have read this year…)

Softlight Sins ignites a fascinating moral debate.  Questions from “How can we play God?”, to “Is there even a God?” are raised, yet it is not these questions that make the story so compelling.  It’s the mystery!  What happens?  How does it end?  I highly suggest you take the time to find out, it’s a conclusion you won’t see coming!


  • Word Count: 5,731
  • Page Count: 16
  • About the Author: Peter F. Hamilton began writing in 1987.  Find out all about him at his website.


You can read Softlight Sins for free at Infinity Plus or at Peter F Hamilton’s Website.