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The True Darkness

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The True Darkness is a 2010 short story by Pamela Sargent, about an odd power failure that frightens a couple in their home.


Lydia and Matt have recently moved away from the city and are getting used to their quieter, more isolated lives away from the hustle and bustle.  They have endured a couple of power failures being so far away from everything, and even found the lack of power to be enjoyable, lighting candles for dinner and having a real conversation rather than watching a movie.

But when the power goes out tonight, things are a bit different.  There is no ambient light, and their cell phones don’t work.  Even striking a match reveals no light.  There is only a pressing darkness that seems to grow thicker and heavier with each passing moment.


Ooohhh, this story gave me the creeps!  I loved how the author didn’t give any unnecessary pre-story, she just jumped right into the heat of the moment when the lights disappeared.  And from there you are drawn into a world of darkness that becomes stranger and scarier with each sentence!  Can you imagine a darkness so pressing that it swallows any light that is shed by any source?  Eeeek!


  • Word Count: 6,763
  • Page Count: 17
  • Published: 2010
  • About the Author: Pamela Sargent has written several novels, and is the winner of a Nebula Award and a Locus Award.  Find out more about this talented author at her website, or at Wikipedia.


You can read The True Darkness for free at WorldLit.