The Cat Lady

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The Cat Lady is a novelette by Damien Graves about a young girl that is scared of the creepy lady in her neighborhood.


Chloe recently broke up with her BFF, and now to be considered part of the cool gang at school, she has to do whatever they tell her to do. Chloe takes a dare to break a window at the Cat Lady’s house. The Cat Lady is rumored to steal children and turn them into cat food for the dozens of creepy cats in her yard. But when Chloe hurls a gigantic rock, and hurts a cat instead of a window, the consequences are very severe.


My kids are always asking me about the science fiction short stories I am reading. So when I was browsing at the school’s book fair, I was delighted to find a “Science Fiction For Kids” section! (Two birds, one stone, my friends… or in this case… two cats, one stone, haha!)

I read The Cat Lady aloud to my kids and we were all pretty happy with this (not too) scary science fiction tale. It had a good buildup, some fun creepy details that grossed my kids out, and a great moral to the story that satisfied the mother in me. While it wasn’t a hardcore science fiction story, it was a fun family read.


  • Word Count: approximately 10,000
  • Page Count: 51
  • Published: 2006


  • The Cat Lady is one of the 3 Terrifying Tales collected in “The Midnight Library”, a book I purchased at the school book fair.
  • You can purchase The Midnight Library at


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