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Reality TV Intergalactic Wife Swap by Rob Hopcott

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This is a guest post by Erinn Stam.

Find out what happens when people start being polite and start getting real — in space.

Non-Spoiler Summary

The story is told through the exchange of two postcards, sharing the different perspectives of a husband and wife involved in an intergalactic TV wife swap among species. In typical fashion for these television reality shows, the husband and wife each have very different experiences during their swap, which ultimately reveal more about their individual personalities and beliefs.

My Thoughts

This is a fun bit of flash fiction told in a unique format. With the strict word limitations on the form, experimentations with narrative can add another layer to flash fiction, and this author chooses a great narrative device to add meaning. In a short amount of space, this author gives us a rich story that involves religious beliefs, prejudices, sexual politics, questions about marital relations, and commentary on our culture’s obsession with fame.

Interesting Tidbits

  • Word Count: 284
  • Published Online: 2008
  • This story is an example of flash science fiction.

Where to Find This Story

  • You can read Reality TV Intergalactic Wife Swap for free at the blog of online author Rob Hopcott.


Erinn Stam is the Managing Editor for campus visits at nursing schools. She attends Wake Technical Community College and is learning about online DSN programs. She lives in Durham, NC with her lovely 4-year-old daughter and exuberant husband.