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Join by Liz Coleman

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"Join" is a 2011 science fiction short story by Liz Coleman. It is about a man who has a romantic relationship with some aliens that are invading our solar system!

Non-Spoiler Summary

Mars by Weaselmcfee, CC 2.0 license

Derek is coming home to visit his family – you know, one of those awkward visits after a rebellious child has been away for a long time. Yeah, and to make matters worse Derek has had a lot of changes since the last time he was home. For one he has altered his throat so he can speak with the alien Phoeng. Oh, and there is the little matter of him getting married to not one but two aliens! And to top it all off he is carrying their baby! I wonder how his conservative Catholic family will handle all his strangeness – not too well I think.

Some Juicy Tidbits About This Story

  • Word count: 5,225 (9 pages)

Where To Find Join

  • This short story first appeared in the September 2011 edition of Lightspeed Magazine – where you can still read it online for free!

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