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The Elephants of Poznan by Orson Scott Card

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"The Elephants of Poznan" is a 2000 science fiction novelette by Orson Scott Card. It is about a man who lives in a post-apocalyptic Polish city and the strange visitors he receives.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Elephant by Averain, CC 2.0 License

Lukasz has had a hard life. When he was a child in Poland a horrible new plague swept across the world killing nearly everyone. Now he ekes out a living with a handful of other survivors. It is in this situation that his city receives some unlikely visitors – first a *real* family with a young woman who can still bear children, and then a group of African elephants who take a keen interest in Lukasz life. Oh, and the two sets of visitors aren’t entirely unrelated – as Lukasz is about to discover for himself!

Some Juicy Tidbits About This Story

  • Word count: 9,141 (13 pages)
  • "The Elephants of Poznan" was nominated for the 2001 Nebula Award for Best Novelette.
  • Did you know that Orson Scott Card also works as a professor of writing and literature at Southern Virginia University? Yep. You can learn more about this excellent science fiction author at his web site.

Where To Find The Elephants of Poznan

  • This story first appeared in the January 2000 edition of Galaxy Online.
  • You can read a free online version of "The Elephants of Poznan" at Lightspeed Magazine.
  • This story is also included in Orson Scott Card’s anthology Keeper of Dreams.

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