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Second Person, Present Tense by Daryl Gregory

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"Second Person, Present Tense" is a 2005 science fiction novelette by Daryl Gregory. It is about a young woman who becomes a different person after a rare over-dose on a strange drug.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Shattered and waiting by Murtada al Mousawy, CC 2.0 License

Therese Klass seems like a completely different girl to her parents. Um… that’s because she is. The well-behaved 17 year old mysteriously over-dosed on the drug Zen a couple of years ago and that did quite a number on her personality. Now after years of therapy, Therese and her parents are trying to start a new life together – and it isn’t easy. As Therese learns more about her former self, she begins to understand what could have possibly pushed the “other Therese” over the edge – and that isn’t very pleasant either. Will her parents be able to understand and accept that? A good question indeed!

Some Juicy Tidbits About This Story

  • Word count: 8,515 (15 pages)
  • "Second Person, Present Tense" placed 1st in the 2006 Asimov’s Reader Poll for Best Novelette.
  • Did you know that Daryl Gregory has been a high school English teacher and a technical writer? Yep. You can learn more about this amazing author on his web site.

Where To Find Second Person, Present Tense

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