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The Chameleon Man by William P. McGivern

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"The Chameleon Man" is a 1943 science fiction short story by William P. McGivern. It is about a man with a peculiar condition that renders him nearly invisible.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Chameleon by wwarby, CC 2.0 License

Mr. Flannigan is a schmuck! Well, he is really a down-on-your-luck theater booker, but he is also a schmuck. He hasn’t been able to catch a break lately, what with the War and all, and what he needs is a big break. As luck would have it that is exactly what happens when Mr. Flannigan meets Horatio – an invisible young man who visits him to ask for help. Horatio really just wants to join the military, but Mr. Flannigan has other, more lucrative, plans for this freak of nature. As the schmuck deceives Horatio with a stream of constant lies, he forgets about the other people who are part of his plans – and that proves to be his downfall. Watch out below!

Some Juicy Tidbits About This Story

  • Word count: 5,000 (12 pages)
  • A fun and easy story to read that is a typical 1940’s yarn – including cheesy dialog and all!
  • Did you know that one of William P. McGivern’s novels, The Big Heat, was made into an award winning movie in the 1950’s? Yep, you can learn more about this mystery writer at Wikipedia.
  • Special thanks to QuasarDragon for pointing out this great little story!

Where To Find The Chameleon Man

  • This story originally appeared in the January 1943 issue of Amazing Stories.
  • You can download or read a free online version of "The Chameleon Man" at Project Gutenberg.

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