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Mouse by Fredric Brown

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“Mouse” is a 1949 science fiction short story by Fredric Brown. It is about a small vessel that lands on Earth carrying a tiny but dangerous occupant.

Are You Afraid Of Mice?

I actually think mice are kind of cute, and cool. (But keep spiders away from me please!) My mother, however, doesn’t agree with me and I have many a happy and mischievous memory of pranks involving my mom, a fake mouse and lots of screaming! Gosh, sometimes I miss my childhood.

Non-spoiler Summary in a Nutshell

Mouseteroid by ian boyd, CC 2.0 License

Bill Wheeler is a research biologist who lives next to New York’s Central Park – and that gives him a great view when a small alien space craft lands in the park! As a crowd gathers around the ship, the government takes over and encloses the landing site, but Bill is given first hand observations when he is called in to examine the tiny occupant of the craft. The little alien looks kind of like a mouse, but upon closer inspection many differences are found. Oh, and there is one huge difference between the small Earth rodent and the alien which becomes painfully clear as time goes by. Eeek!

Interesting Tidbits:

  • Page Count: 9
  • Word Count: 4,000
  • You can learn more about science fiction author Fredric Brown at Wikipedia.
  • Special thanks to Variety SF for recommending this great short story.

Where You Can Find Mouse:

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