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Code Three by Rick Raphael

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“Code Three” is a 1963 science fiction novella by Rick Raphael. It is about 3 officers (and their huge patrol vehicle) who work dangerous jobs as patrolmen on the North American Continental Thruway Patrol.

Traffic Safety

I sometimes feel unsafe while driving, realizing that the only thing keeping the on-coming traffic from smashing into me is a line of yellow paint. I know, I know – that’s a depressing thought. However, after reading about the futuristic traffic in this story I’m thinking maybe our roads aren’t so bad after all!

Non-spoiler Summary in a Nutshell

Traffic Jam by MartosC, CC 2.0 license

Ben Martin, Clay Ferguson and Kelly Lightfoot are the team aboard Beulah – a giant, hovering, patrol car / wrecker / ambulance of NorCon. It is their job to spend weeks at a time patrolling the massive freeways spanning all of North America. They direct traffic, clean up wrecks, help stranded motorists, write tickets and even help catch criminals – all from the comfort of Patrol Car #56. It is a good thing Beulah is equipped for all these activities – what with her kitchen, surgical room, bunks and specialized arms – because they are going to need all the help they can get on this tour of duty.

Interesting Tidbits About This Story:

  • Page Count: 35
  • Word Count: 21,616
  • “Code Three” was nominated for the 1964 Hugo Award for Best Short Fiction.

Where You Can Find Code Three:

  • This story was first published in the February 1963 issue of Analog Science Fact.
  • You can read “Code Three” online for free at Webscription.
  • It is also included in the excellent anthology The World Turned Upside Down.

Craving More Science Fiction Short Stories?

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