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Happy 3rd Anniversary to

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Happy 3rd anniversary to! I have had a really good year reading and reviewing science fiction short stories. Two big contributers to my enjoyment were 1) being a preliminary judge for the Million Writers Award, and 2) deciding to read more stories just for the fun of it. Both were great experiences that were very satisfying.


I also noticed that several of my favorite moments in the past year could be attributed to Jason Sanford in one way or another. Either he wrote a story which I enjoyed very much, recommended something very cool, or let me take part in his awesome Million Writers Award! Anyway, my point is that if you are not reading Jason Sanford’s blog then you are missing out on some very good science fiction. (And Jason, if you are reading this, keep up the good work brother!)


I also want to say thanks to the many people who read my blog, leave comments, email me, write guest reviews, suggest stories and otherwise help make this experience a pleasant one. THANK YOU! You are the reason my blog has made it this far.


So, like I did in the previous two years, I am listing my favorite science fiction stories I have read in the past 12 months. This time I have divided them up into regular short stories and flash fiction stories. There are some excellent ones in both categories, and I had an extrememly difficult time narrowing the list down to just 10 entries.  (If you’ve read any of these stories I would love to hear your thoughts.)  Anyway, without further ado (and in no particular order), here are my favorite stories from the past year:


  • “Shades of White and Road” by Camille Alexa. A girl and her unusual traveling companions leave a beautiful world.
  • “A Jar Of Goodwill” by Tobias S. Buckell. A specially trained human takes a very risky job in hopes that it will pay off big.
  • “Hooves And The Hovel Of Abdel Jameela” by Saladin Ahmed. An ancient Middle-Eastern doctor helps a very strange couple.
  • “Bridesicle” by Will McIntosh. A dead woman is brought back to life for some very strange proposals.
  • “Red/Shift” by Geoffrey Thorne. An unstoppable killer ravages his way through Martian aristocratic society.
  • “Wolf Island” by Stephen Graham Jones. Two survivors of a ship wreck wash up on a deserted island where strange things happen.
  • “Clockwork, Patchwork and Ravens” by Peter M. Ball. An old patchworker and his clockwork man save a girl terrorized by a group of mutant bird people.
  • “Rescue Party” by Arthur C. Clarke. An alien exploration ship is sent to rescue the last of humankind before the sun goes supernova.
  • “Conquistador de la Noche” by Carrie Vaughn. An ancient Spanish soldier discovers the “other riches” of the New World.
  • “Goblin Night” by James H. Schmitz. A teenage girl’s psionic abilities cause trouble while camping in a dangerous national park.


  • “Discerning Women” by William Highsmith. A woman is forced to endure a very bizarre interview.
  • “Time On Our Side” by Mark Farrugia. Statues of aliens with ray guns begin showing up around the globe.
  • “A Taste For Life” by Patrick Freivald. Is it possible to cure a zombie of his desire to feed on human flesh?
  • “Insomnia” by Waldo van der Waal. Is it a good idea to be strapped into an acceleration couch at the start of a very long space journey?
  • “MAXO signals” by Charles Stross. A professor and a police detective finally figure out the answer to the Fermi Paradox.
  • “A new note for Nat” by Gareth Owens. Nat starts a band for a new ultra high pitched music scene.
  • “Truth in Sentencing” by Steve Duffy. A future society knows when and where a person will be reincarnated.
  • “Shoplifter In The Crowd” by MFKorn. Two men at a Sci-Fi convention notice a very strange man slinking around stealing stuff.
  • “Time Fuze” by Randall Garrett. The first faster-than-light starship triggers a supernova. Whoops!
  • “Chameleon” by Colin Harvey. Identifying infiltrators in the midst of an American-Iranian-Chinese-Alien war.

6 thoughts to “Happy 3rd Anniversary to”

  1. Happy Anniversary Rusty! Although I don’t get over here nearly as often as I should, I couldn’t be happier that you are still going strong and that you seem to be enjoying what you read, which makes it all worthwhile. Here’s hoping for an even better year in 2011!

    Looks like I’ve got some great reading to check out. Of your favorites I have only read Rescue Party, an excellent, excellent story, and my first experience with Arthur C. Clarke.

  2. Thanks Carl, I *am* having a great time reading short stories and writing about them on this blog.

    “Rescue Party” was a super story – one of my favorites from Clarke! Hopefully you’ll find some other ones you really like from the list above.

  3. Congrats Rusty! had a great year and seems to be hitting stride. Cinnamon is a great addition.

  4. Mangelo and Dane, thanks for the comments. It has been a fun year, and hopefully the next year will be even better!

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