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Red/Shift by Geoffrey Thorne

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“Red/Shift” is a 2007 science fiction short story by Geoffrey Thorne. It is about an unstoppable killer ravaging his way through Martian aristocratic society. Yeow!

An Aside

Today I am going to do something that I don’t normally do, and something that I generally don’t like doing: I am going to review a non-free story that was suggested to me by the author. This is, of course, a big exception to reviews that I usually do, however I felt this story was so good that it warranted a change of protocol. Geoffrey Thorne contacted me out of the blue and offered me a free preview copy of this story. After looking at some of the other stuff he has written I decided to take him up on his offer – and am I glad I did! It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable story, and one which I highly recommend.

Non-spoiler Summary in a Nutshell

Man in Red by Aldor, Creative Commons license

“Red/Shift” is ultimately about a brutal, red-robed killer who is “working” his way through the upper-crust of society on a future Mars. The story, however, is told from a few different points of view. For example, there is officer Elzin who has heard some incredible tales but can’t quite catch up to him. And there is Amina – a woman with a deep, dark secret who seeks Mr. Red for her own brand of quirky justice. The problem is that this killer is more dangerous than either of them imagine – I hope they have some good back-up plans!

My Two Cents…

  • I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy stories that don’t force details down your throat, but rather let the reader come to his or her own conclusion about what is going on. “Red/Shift” is excellent in this regard – bravo!
  • I thought Amina was a great character! Both her secret and how she portrays herself was very well done – and a little bit sexy!
  • The ending was awesome – and incredibly fulfilling! A fitting end to a great story.

Interesting Tidbits:

  • Page Count: 28
  • Did you know that Geoffrey Thorne worked for a time as a staff writer on USA network’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent? Yep. You can learn more about the many activities of this talented author at Wikipedia.

Where You Can Find Red/Shift:

  • This story was originally a finalist for Writers of the Future 22.
  • Although “Red/Shift” is not available for free, you can sample the first 7 pages at Smashwords.
  • This story is part of Thorne’s short story collection Dreamnasium, which you can purchase at (The Kindle version is really inexpensive!)

Craving More Science Fiction Short Stories?

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    Thanks for the comment! And no problem about your story – it was a pleasure to read, and I feel good about recommending it to my readers.

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