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Flash Fiction Friday: Evil Elevators and Stinky Shoplifters

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I like the number 13. Why? I don’t know, probably because so many people dislike it that I feel the need to be contrary. Anyway, I decided to rummage through the archives at AntipodeanSF and take a look at their 13th issue – I’m glad I did!

They Wait by Rick Kennett & Barry Radburn

Garry hates elevators. They are always cruel to him – making him wait before they do his bidding. But at an old hotel in an Eastern city Garry finds the evilest of all elevators!

Read They Wait online for free.

Shoplifter In The Crowd by MFKorn

Two men at a Sci Fi convention notice a very strange man slinking around stealing stuff – but things get even stranger when security finally tries to arrest him!

Read Shoplifter In The Crowd online for free.

Have a great weekend!

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