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Flash Fiction Friday: Gracious Conquerors and Terrible Trajectories

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Is it just me or do the stories at 365 Tomorrows seem to be getting better? Proof in point: the first 2 stories I read this week were the ones I chose to share with all of you. That’s the first time that has happened!

Copycats by Duncan Shields

Usually when we think of aliens conquering our world we think of vicious, mean killers. But they could also be very diplomatic and genuinely interested in us – even to the point of being boring!

Read Copycats online for free.

Look Before You Leap by Roi R. Czechvala

Martin has a big problem: 15 minutes of air in his bounder suit but 30 minutes until he reaches the safety of the nearest settlement. He decides to take a big leap of faith (Ha! Pun intended!) but forgets one very important little fact. Whoops!

Read Look Before You Leap online for free.

Have a great weekend!

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