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Flash Fiction Friday: Extinguishing Rodents and Extinct Species

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Today’s edition of Flash Fiction Friday take us to the journal Nature – where we are treated to a couple of excellent stories by a pair of famous science fiction authors!

A Better Mousetrap by Mike Resnick

When a team of six scientists dock at the remote Heisenberg Space Station they discover that the rodent population has not only multiplied but has become resistant to every known poison! Time to come up with some creative mousetraps… or not.

Read A Better Mousetrap online for free.

Homo Sapiens Declared Extinct by Bruce Sterling

The last of the natural humans are gone. Oh sure, there are still some human-technology-cybrid thingies, but they don’t really count… do they?

Read Homo Sapiens Declared Extinct online for free.

Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts to “Flash Fiction Friday: Extinguishing Rodents and Extinct Species”

  1. These are two fine flashes, thank you!

    Resnick’s is a funny little story (even though the “mechanical microbe” part’s resolution was an unconvincing handwave imo) and Sterling’s idea that Transhumanism inevitably leads to individuals so heavily modified that they are a different species altogether is interesting, too.

  2. Thanks Liam,

    I’m glad you enjoyed them. I agree about the mechanical microbe part, but overall I still thought the story was pretty good.

    It looks like Nature has published several short stories, I’ll definitely be taking a look at some of the other ones too. Hopefully they will be as good.

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