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Flash Fiction Friday: Destructive Lights and Confusing Interviews

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As Their Eyes Touched God by Robin Gillespie

Ever wondered what the end of the world might look like? It could actually be beautiful – like the “silken banner” of death in this story.

Read As Their Eyes Touched God online for free.

(* Note: If you liked this story then be sure to check out Last Contact by Stephen Baxter – it’s longer, but deals with the same theme.)

Discerning Women by William Highsmith

When Alexa is ordered to report to the Human Registration Center she finds herself forced to endure some bizarre Braxian interviews. Now if she can just get through without any mistakes then maybe she won’t be exterminated!

(* Note #2: I laughed outloud while reading this – one of the funniest short stories I have read!)

Read Discerning Women online for free.

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