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My Favorite Science Fiction Story: Tinkoo

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Today’s post is a guest review by Tinkoo. Variety SF, one of Tinkoo’s web sites, is my all-time favorite science fiction blog, and has inspired many of my own reviews and posts. Over the past year he and I have shared stories, links, comments and reviews. Although we live on completely opposite sides of the world (he’s in India) I have rarely run across someone whose taste in science fiction is so close to my own. So, with all that in mind I recently asked Tinkoo “What is your favorite science fiction short story and why?” Here is what he had to say:

Tinkoo’s Answer:

No favorite, but one I liked so much that I shared it with many friends – Arthur Clarke’s “Superiority” (F&SF, August 1951). Unfortunately, it’s not online. (Added by Rusty: Yes it is, see link below.)

It’s a generally hilarious story about how *not* to go about deploying new technology in a production environment. I see variations of it in action all the time.

It’s a military story, narrated by the captured commander of the “superior” side that lost the war. Because their enthusiasm to deploy vastly superior but untested technology to *quickly* end the war made them neglect the currently working technology.

Rusty’s Two Cents:

Thanks Tinkoo – being a computer programmer I can certainly understand the premise of this story, even though I’ve not read it. It sounds like it could be the biography of my former manager! 😉 Anyway, I’m sure it is a great story, just like most pieces I’ve read from Arthur C. Clarke.

If you would like to read Tinkoo’s own review of “Superiority” you can check it out at his web site.

“Superiority” is included in the outstanding book The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke . You can read the story for free online at Google’s Book Search preview.

Don’t forget to check out Tinkoo’s website, Variety SF, where you can find loads of great science fiction reviews.

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  1. Yes!

    “Story of Your Life” is one of my favorite stories also – very, very cool. I really liked your review of it – and don’t forget to check out my review too. Thanks for pointing this out.

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