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All You Zombies- by Robert Heinlein

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“All You Zombies-“ is a 1959 science fiction short story by Robert Heinlein. It is about an agent of the Temporal Bureau who travels back in time to recruit a young writer.

Non-Spoiler Summary In A Nutshell:

A typist“All You Zombies-“ follows the wild and convoluting exploits of a temporal agent sent to recruit a young man known as “The Unmarried Mother” – a writer for confession magazines. Posing as a bartender the agent coaxes the unsuspecting writer into revealing his own turbulent history. Being a little bit tipsy, The Unmarried Mother is tricked by the agent and taken into the past to set in motion a complicated and time-line-polluting series of events that eventually lead to his own birth. Wow! If it all sounds a little bit confusing that’s because it is! Nevertheless, this is one story that very clearly (and quite humorously) demonstrates why time travel will never be possible!

I was polishing a brandy snifter when the Unmarried Mother came in. I noted the time—10:17 P.M. zone five, or eastern time, November 7th, 1970. Temporal agents always notice time and date; we must.

The Unmarried Mother was a man twenty–five years old, no taller than I am, childish features and a touchy temper. I didn’t like his looks—I never had—but he was a lad I was here to recruit, he was my boy. I gave him my best barkeep’s smile.

Maybe I’m too critical. He wasn’t swish; his nickname came from what he always said when some nosy type asked him his line: “I’m an unmarried mother.” If he felt less than murderous he would add: “at four cents a word. I write confession stories.”

My Two Cents:

• The good:

  • Wow – this is the mother of all paradoxical time traveling stories! If you enjoy those kinds of stories then you will get a major kick out of this one.
  • There is some great subtle humor in “All You Zombies-“. From the acronyms to the shocking realization of who The Unmarried Mother really is – you can’t help but laugh out loud at the hilarity of it all!

• The bad:

  • Given the very nature and subject matter of this story (which I can’t reveal without giving away the surprise) there are consequently some mature / adult themes. This is probably not something you want your young kids reading.

Fact Sheet:
• Page Count: 9
• Word Count: 4,652
“All You Zombies-“ garnered the following awards:

  • This story placed 30th in the 1971 Astounding / Analog All-Time Poll for best short fiction.
  • It was nominated for the 1980 Balrog award.
  • It placed 5th in the 1999 Locus All-Time Poll for best short story.

Where you can find “All You Zombies-“:

  • This short story first appeared in the March 1959 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
  • “All You Zombies-“ is included in the fantastic collection of Heinlein stories entitled The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein .
  • You can read an HTML version of this story here.

Some Interesting Links:

  • If all the time jumping in “All You Zombies-“ leaves you scratching your head a bit, then maybe this visual time line of events will help you out.
  • The inclusion of the famous novelty song “I’m My Own Grandpa” was great! If you haven’t heard of this very funny song you can learn more about it on Wikipedia.

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