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Orbiter’s Reward by Greg Wickenhofer

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Orbiter’s Reward

By Greg Wickenhofer

“Orbiter’s Reward” is a very short 2008 science fiction short story by Greg Wickenhofer. It is about a scrap metal business that finds a very helpful robot.


• Word count: 513
• Page count: 2

This short story follows Angelo and Millie, a couple who make their living removing CPU cores from deactivated robots and then selling the bodies as scrap metal. One day they come across Orbiter, a robot who hasn’t been deactivated and proves himself to be so cute and useful that they decide to keep him as extra help. Orbiter, however, has other plans.

Another great science fiction story from Antipodean SF! I enjoyed this quick read, and especially liked the technological backstabbing themes in this one. A excellent short story to read at lunch time – or whenever you have a few minutes.

Angelo smiled. “You’re going to cooperate, then?”

“Not while you’re brandishing that wrench, you maniac!” said Orbiter.

Angelo dropped the wrench.

“Now, promise you won’t deactivate me.”

“No. I paid for you, so I have to harvest you.”

Orbiter pointed his laser at the Help Wanted sign. “What am I, an apple crop?”

Where you can find “Orbiter’s Reward”:
• This story originally appeared in issue 117 of the online Australian magazine for flash fiction AntipodeanSF.
• You can read “Orbiter’s Reward” online for free at Pandora: Australia’s Web Archive.

Our friend Tinkoo over at Variety SF has read the entire 117th issue of AnitpodeanSF – check out his thoughts about each of the stories, including this one, at the Variety SF website.

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4 thoughts to “Orbiter’s Reward by Greg Wickenhofer”

  1. Hi, just came across the news on net that the last of the Great Trinity of Science Fiction, Arthur C Clarke has passed away. Just waiting to hear about your thoughts.

  2. I liked the twists and turns in this one and the unexpected ending. I don’t think it flows quite as smoothly as The Home Team but it does have appeal.

  3. Yeah,

    I really liked the ending too. This was my first Greg Wickenhofer story, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

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