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Bob said in August 24th, 2008 at 5:09 pm

Big thanks. Good idea. I’ll become your regular visitor and RSS subscriber.

scatterbrain said in April 9th, 2009 at 6:26 pm

I had the pleasure of reading this the other day in a near-mint condition copy of the original issue of Analog it appeared in, which I got for about £2 from a musty shop in Northern England. While I was there, I also got copies of the Poul Anderson special feature edition of F&SF from 1972, the original copies of F&SF in which appeared Stephen King’s “The Ballard of the Flexible Bullet”, Turtledove’s “The Last Article”, and an early story by Kim Stanley Robinson, the 25th, 30th and 40th aniversary editions of F&SF, a “Hugo Award Special Issue” of If from 1967, a copy of If containing an early story by Gene Wolfe from 1966, and a copy of Fantastic from 1967 containing an original by Jack Vance; all of them in the same good condition, all for around £2 to £5 each, and I got the total price knocked down in the end anyway.

Why did I get such a good deal? Ignorance, plain and simple.

The imbeciles who ran the store, a group of eighties-ravaged post-punk alcoholics who have lost the technology of the razor, have developed a plan of selling down their literature section in favour of expanding their unsellable library of Indie records from the early seventies.

I just took what I got above and more without any fuss. Even when I came back the next time and found original printings of the later Elric novels, an original copy Philip K. Dick’s “The Crack in Space”(I checked copyright and it is the original Ace printing from their New York house), and even a hardback of Swanwick’s Faust that looked like it had just rolled off the press, and I told them about their worth, they just laughed at me and I went off with a red face.

But I have had the last laugh.

Where is this store you ask? Please tell me! you plee. It does not matter where now; there is nothing left.

I cleared the shevles, aha!

Rusty said in April 10th, 2009 at 9:57 am


Ha! That is an amazing story – you are truly lucky to find such a score. I’m glad you milked it for all it was worth, now you can savor reading each of those.

I am jealous. 🙂