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Impossible Dreams by Tim Pratt

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Impossible Dreams

by Tim Pratt

• Word count: 6655
• Page count: 15

Impossible Dreams is the 2007 winner of the Hugo Award for Best Short Story… and it is amazing! It is a science fiction love story – not your regular love story either – this one is about a man’s love of cinema. Yet it evolves into more than that – much more.

The protagonist of the story, Pete, is a genuine movie aficionado who one day discovers an amazing video store that changes his whole life. The author’s descriptions of Pete’s geeky love of cinema are awesome – his affection for movies is practically dripping off the pages of this story. If you are a movie buff then you will love this story – heck, if you have any true passion if life then you’ll understand how Pete feels. This qualifies as one of the best science fiction short stories I have read in a long time – absolutely excellent!

He stopped on the sidewalk, head cocked, frowning at the narrow store squeezed between a kitschy gift shop and a bakery. He stepped toward the door, peered inside, and saw old movie posters on the walls, racks of DVDs and VHS tapes, and a big screen TV against one wall. The lettering on the door read “Impossible Dreams Video,” and the smudges on the glass suggested it had been in business for a while.

Where you can find Impossible Dreams:
Impossible Dreams was originally published in the July 2006 edition of Asimov’s Science Fiction.
Impossible Dreams can also be found in Tim Pratt’s book of collected short stories Hart & Boot & Other Stories – a collection of thirteen stories including Bottom Feeding, Terrible Ones and Living With A Harpy.
You can read if for free online at Asimov’s website. Sorry, this link is no longer valid, but…
• …you can find an archived copy of this story at the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine.
• You can listen to a free mp3 version of this story at Escape Pod.
• You can also download a written version for less than $1 from Fictionwise eBooks.

You can learn more about the author, Tim Pratt, by reading his biography at

5 thoughts to “Impossible Dreams by Tim Pratt”

  1. Ooohhh, I LOVE movies, so I’m sure I’ll like this story. Thanks for the suggestion, and I’ll comment again once I have read it!

  2. Yep, I liked this one! I enjoyed reading of the character’s love for movies, and understood his strange need to see the movies and parts of movies he had not experienced yet. A story with a twist, better still!

  3. Pretty amazing huh?

    It was a totally cool story – I never thought I would enjoy a story about movies so much!

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