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A Spy in Europa by Alastair Reynolds

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A Spy in Europa

by Alastair Reynolds

• Word count: 7354
• Page count: 20

This is a cool science fiction short story about how far a spy will go to accomplish his mission. Set in the far future it takes place on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. There are some familiar Alastair Reynolds ideas here: hyperdiamonds, buckyballs and some very detailed descriptions of biological life on alien worlds – so ingenious its easy to believe that he is just describing something he has seen hundreds of times. Ah – that is why I like his writing!

To get to Europa you either had to be sickeningly rich or sickeningly poor. Vargovic’s cover was the former: a lie excusing the single-passenger flitter. As the slitherwalk advanced he was joined by other arrivals: business people like himself, and a sugaring of the merely wealthy. Most of them had dispensed with holographics, instead projecting entoptics beyond their personal space; machine-generated hallucinations decoded by the implant hugging Vargovic’s optic nerve. Hummingbirds and seraphim were in sickly vogue.

Where you can find “A Spy in Europa”:

You can learn more about Alastair Reynolds by reading the biography on his web site, or check out the Wikipedia page about him.

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